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My name is Corey Smith, and I am an educator, guitarist, DJ, and electronic music producer from Vancouver, Canada. My musical curriculum vitae includes playing as a session guitarist, a wedding musician, a guitarist in multiple cover bands, working in a recording studio, working for live sound production company, running the bench of a repair shop and (a couple times) filling in as a trumpeter in a mariachi band. My current project is operating under the moniker "24" and I am working on my first solo album (set to be released sometime 2022). I also run a monthly live-streamed show promoting women, non-binary, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ electronic producers called t(He).feminist.DJ on the last Friday of each month. Make sure to check out my YouTube page for past episodes, and other content, follow my Instagram Page @dj.24.official for my most current updates, news, shows, and releases.

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"Feminism seeks to re-organize the world through a commitment to eradicating ideologies of domination" Listen to DJ-24 spin new releases primarily featuring the best underground women, non-binary, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ producers, composers, and DJs. Last Friday of every month, catch the live feed on Mixcloud or see previously recorded sets on YouTube.
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NFT Collectibles
Bummed that you can't see t(He).feminist.DJ live? Me too! So I've minted a collection of NFT's to replace that feeling you get while pushing your way through to the merch table! Each t(He).feminist.DJ token is rendered using frames from that particular episode as reflective material so each episode's token will have it's own unique relfectence and colouration. I will only be minting a limited run for each episode, so make sure you snap yours up before they are gone!
The Darkest HourEpisode 1 NFT

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